Moranda Law Firm has proven to be an outstanding law firm. I found myself in a terrible unfavorable situation falsely accused of Domestic Violence and had a temporary restraining order placed on me, Moranda diligently uncovered all evidence and debunked all false accusations against me one by one, she prepared my case so well that the petitioned dropped the case and admitted to falsely accusing me.

If you face custody and family law issues and need proper representation please do not hesitate to hire the best law firm.

Thank you again to Moranda Law Firm

Michael C.

Ms. Moranda is very thorough and knowledgeable, as well as, professional. She did an amazing job on short notice in many situations. I would highly recommend her and her staff. Amazing!

Haley S.

Going into my divorce, I had a lot of questions and doubts. Ms Moranda did an amazing job and explaining the process and helping take the pressure off an already difficult situation. She always responded in a timely manner and was sensitive to my feelings and the situation at hand. Her knowledge and ability to address issues in a timely manner was exactly what I needed to get through this difficult time.

Overall, very happy with the services she provided. Highly recommended!

Eva P.

I would like to express my utmost gratitude and admiration for the exceptional services provided by Moranda Law Firm. As a client in dire need of legal assistance during a challenging family matter, the expertise, compassion, and dedication truly surpassed my expectations.

From the moment I stepped into the office, I felt a sense of relief and assurance. Ms. Moranda and her team demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism and empathy, ensuring that my family’s well-being was their top priority throughout the entire process.

They handled our case with the utmost sensitivity, always keeping our best interests at heart. They took the time to explain every step of the legal proceedings, ensuring we were well-informed and empowered to make informed decisions.


I hired Mrs. Beverly Moranda for my child custody move away case. She was very professional and extremely helpful with explaining everything and answering all my questions. She was able to help me win my case and my son was allowed to move with me to Hawai’i. I would highly recommend her for any family court cases.

Vanessa B.

“I was determined to find Ms. Moranda and retain her as my attorney after seeing her perform…. I was overwhelmed when I was falsely accused of domestic violence but with Ms. Moranda’s knowledge, dedication, passion for her work and aggressiveness, I felt more at ease little by little as the case progressed. She got very familiar with my case in a relatively short period of time and she always kept me aware of the strategy of the case before court hearings. At the end of the case, I was pleased when the judge dismissed the allegations and I was glad I found Ms. Moranda to represent me on this matter. If you want a professional attorney with an honest personal touch, I highly recommend Ms. Moranda to anyone that needs great representation in court.”

Oscar G.

“Ms. Moranda is a passionate, knowledgeable, and aggressive family law attorney.  Although I was initially overwhelmed by the divorce process, Ms. Moranda took the time to explain it to me in a manner that made sense.  She was always courteous, promptly returned my calls, and displayed a genuine interest in helping me obtain the best result possible.  I feel very fortunate to have had Ms. Moranda’s assistance during my divorce. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a skilled family law attorney.”

Victor S.

Ms. Moranda is a phenomenal attorney! She represented my brother in custody battle that has been going on for years! She took the case one week prior to his hearing and the outcome was more than we could have prayed for. Ms. Moranda went up against two attorneys that never had a chance. To say she doesn’t like to be defeated is an understatement. Her work ethic, commitment to her clients, honesty and knowledge of the law was so much more than we could have expected. She absolutely came through for our family in a huge way and we appreciate her so much. I would recommend Ms. Moranda to anyone looking for the BEST family law attorney. Thank you again Beverly for all that you did for our family. My brother and his children are back together where they belong!

Lisa, A.

Mrs. Moranda is an amazing attorney who truly cares about her clients and the outcome of each case. She represented me in a high – conflict custody case involving domestic abuse and false allegations of parental alienation. The process was anything but easy but I was able to persevere and was ultimately vindicated with Mrs. Moranda’s help. Most importantly, I was able to get sole physical custody of our child and ensure his safety. I have recommended Mrs. Moranda to friends and family and will continue to do so. She is by far the best family law attorney out there.

Gigi L.

Working with Moranda Law Firm was a great experience from start to finish. Mrs. Moranda is a professional, thorough and efficient attorney. Mrs. Moranda and her team were excellent in communicating with me, making my dissolution an easier and fair process. I highly recommend Moranda Law Firm, APC.

Ernesto M.

Ms. Moranda was amazing! Divorce is never an easy thing but Ms. Moranda made this process easier and always made me feel like she was in my corner. She was aggressive when she needed to be to fight for my rights as a single dad! I highly recommend you reach out to Moranda Law Firm for ALL of your family law needs!

Albert D.

Beverly is an outstanding lawyer. She is thorough, efficient, and cost effective. She did a great job for me and achieved results I didn’t think possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a family law attorney.

David V.

By far the best family and law firm!I’ve had an amazing experience working with all the members of the Moranda law firm They helped me understand my situation and provided the BEST possible outcome.

Gianni H.

Professional. Efficient. Personable. Highly recommend their services.

Vanessa T.

Amazing experience, prompt service and extremely professional.

Victor S.

Where do I begin. Ms. Moranda is such a great attorney, honest, smart, and cares about her clients’ cases. If you are ever looking for a family law attorney, I highly recommend Ms. Beverly Moranda. She the best lawyer I have ever met and I am grateful for Ms. Moranda

Steven S.

Ms. Moranda helped me in a case where I was lost. She dealt with a hostile lawyer and a hostile ex. She was understanding, always promptly returned my calls, and always made sure I knew what was going on. She got the case back on track and I was very pleased with the result. I highly recommend her for any family law case.

David V.

Beverly is an amazing family law Attorny. She is very efficient, thorough & fare.. Her skill set is amazing, She did such a great job for me and my family! The outcome of her results we so good, the bailiff /sherif came outside after trail to ask for her Bussiness card.. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a family law attorney with proven results.

Charles A.

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