Orange County Family Law Attorney

Orange County Family Law Attorney

Orange County Family Law Lawyer

Family matters can get complicated, even when everyone has the same goals. If you are dealing with a domestic dispute in Orange County, you should get in touch with an Orange County family law attorney. The right lawyer can help review the situation you and your family are in and help determine the most effective way to support your needs.

Our team of family law attorneys at the Moranda Law Firm, APC, can assist you with all of your family law needs. Beverly D. Moranda has more than 12 years of experience specializing in family law cases and fighting for clients and their families with compassion and dedication. She is known for giving personalized attention to each case and making sure that you feel heard at every step of your legal process.

Orange County Family Law Attorney

What Is Family Law?

In the field of law, we use the term “family law” to refer to conflicts among family members that require legal intervention. There are many cases that fall into this category that a family law attorney can help you navigate. For example, if you find yourself facing one of the following situations, then you can count on a family law attorney to represent your interests:

  • Divorce. The dissolution of your marriage can be complicated. In fact, there are two different types of divorce: uncontested and contested. If you and the person you are divorcing can agree on how to approach critical issues like the division of your marital property or who should get primary custody of your children, then you are in an uncontested divorce. These types of splits can be less complicated than their opposite, uncontested divorce, but you should still contact a lawyer to make sure your interests are protected. In a contested divorce, couples are at odds over the approach to critical issues like child custody and property division. Reaching out to an experienced divorce attorney can help protect your interests and ensure you get what is fair. The process of getting a divorce can also be complicated by unique factors such as being in the military, self-employed, or a business owner. If you have any of these or other similar complicating factors, it is more vital than ever that you work with a family law attorney to get advice on your case. Without proper legal guidance, you might end up making risky decisions that have negative impacts on your assets and your future.
  • Prenups and Postnups. If you are about to be married and want to draw up a prenuptial agreement that outlines your plan in the event of a divorce, you should contact a family law attorney. They can review your financial situation and your plans for what you would want to do if you split one day. However, you should note that your prenup cannot address your child custody arrangements, as the court will act according to what is in the interests of your child or children at the moment of your divorce. If you are already married and are not planning to get a divorce but still want to plan for the possibility of that event, you can contact a family law attorney to aid with drawing up a postnuptial agreement. This document will allow you to make plans about the future the same way a prenup would have.
  • Child Custody Battles. Some of the most emotionally intense family law issues involve the topic of child custody. When two parents decide to get a divorce or change an existing custody arrangement, the court will act in accordance with the interests of the child at that time.It is vital that you have a family law attorney who is working hard to fight for you and your relationship with your child in order to have a shot at the custody arrangement you want. Your family law attorney can also support you if you have an existing custody order that is being disrespected. Your family lawyer can also provide legal support for child visitation issues. If one parent has primary custody of your child, the other might have the right to visit the child. Sometimes, one parent violates the visitation arrangement, and legal action is necessary to make sure everyone’s rights are respected.
  • Child Support Issues. In some cases, the court will order one parent to pay child support payments to the other parent. The amount of money in these payments will depend on factors such as the amount of income that each parent makes, the needs of the child, and more. If you are trying to enforce, modify, or oppose a child support order, then you need to get in touch with a family law lawyer for support.
  • Paternity Issues. Establishing paternity can have significant implications, such as who can have access to medical information, who is entitled to what benefits, inheritance rights, and more. If you need legal support navigating a paternity issue, a family lawyer can help you.
  • Alimony/Spousal Support Issues. In some divorce cases, one person has to make financial payments to the other person, called spousal support or alimony. These payments can be temporary or indefinite, depending on the context. The amount the court will order the person to pay will also depend on factors like income, the length of the marriage, and the ability of each spouse to support themselves. Modifying and enforcing such an order can sometimes be tough, but your family law attorney can help.
  • Adoption. If you are in the process of adopting a child, you are in for an exciting yet often complicated journey. To make sure that you are abiding by all of the rules and regulations and to help address any complications that might arise, a family law attorney can support you.
  • Guardianship. If you want legal guardianship over another person, your family law attorney can assist you. Your attorney can give you guidance on how to gather and use the necessary documents, and they can represent you in court, where you will have to demonstrate that there is a need for guardianship and why you are the right choice.
  • Domestic Violence. Cases of violence between members of the same family or household can be distressing and harmful.

If you have experienced domestic abuse, you do not have to navigate this situation alone. Your family law attorney can help you secure the necessary restraining order to keep you safe and help you understand your legal options for taking legal action against the person who committed the violent actions. Domestic violence is against the law, and taking legal action can keep you and others safe and make sure those involved face consequences.

You might also encounter a situation in which you are falsely accused of domestic violence. This can have serious consequences and lead to you being separated from your family. If this or a similar situation happens to you, you should rest assured you do not have to go through this alone. You will need a dependable family law attorney to fight for you, but with the right lawyer by your side, you can have a shot at a positive future.

How Do Family Law Cases Work in Orange County?

The precise course of action that you will have to take for your family law case will depend on what kind of situation you are in. However, when you get in touch with a family law attorney, they will schedule a time to consult with you about what you are dealing with. They will respectfully listen to the details of your situation and strive to understand your needs. Once they are on your case, they can begin crafting a strategic legal plan for you.

Depending on what kind of family law situation you are in, you might need to collect some evidence and file some forms or motions. For instance, if you are filing for divorce in Orange County, must file a petition with the court.

Similarly, if you are going through the adoption process, you will need to fill out a lot of forms and be able to prove your fitness as a parent for your new child. Your attorney can assist you in understanding all of the specific actions you need to take to make sure your case goes smoothly.

Not all family law cases end up going to court. Some are resolved through negotiation or alternative processes to litigation, such as mediation or arbitration. When you initially consult with your attorney, they can help you determine your family’s legal needs and the court of action that suits you, as well as what the most effective approach is to getting you a positive outcome.

Why Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

Legal disputes that involve family members or members of the same household can be tense and distressing. They often arise alongside major changes in your life, such as living apart from your children, moving to a new place, or splitting from a partner.

Taking on a long list of legal responsibilities on top of everything else going on in your life can certainly be stressful. Instead of bearing the burden alone, you should reach out to an experienced attorney who specializes in handling family law cases, .

Your lawyer can respectfully and attentively listen to your concerns and provide you with informed legal counsel about how to proceed. For example, if you are seeking alternatives to litigation for your divorce, your attorney can present your options and guide you through the process.

In addition to advising you on your current situation, your attorney can also take many actions on your behalf. For instance, your attorney can take care of tracking down any relevant evidence and will know how to use it strategically in an argument on your behalf.

If you do have to go to court to reach a settlement, it is ideal to have an experienced attorney on your side who is familiar with your case. When you have had a family law lawyer working on your case from the beginning, you can rest assured that they are familiar with you and your family’s needs. Your lawyer will stand up for you in court and will serve as a dedicated advocate for you. This is vital in cases involving family, as emotions and tensions are often high.

Your family law attorney can also help you confront a denied request. In many types of cases, such as child custody battles, contested divorces, spousal support disagreements, and more, you might not walk away with what you want and need. Depending on your situation, this might not be the end of your legal process.

Your family law attorney can take a close look at the reasons behind the initial decision on the case and, if possible, file an appeal. When this happens, the court will take another look at your evidence to correct errors or reevaluate after overlooking something. This could potentially result in a change to the original ruling and a more positive outcome.

Family Law FAQs

Q: How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost in CA?

A: The price of family lawyers in California varies based on the services they are providing, their firm’s pricing structure, and other factors, like experience. When an attorney has years of successful cases behind them, their fees might be higher than those of newer lawyers.

In addition, if a lawyer has to put many hours into your case, you can often expect to have to pay higher fees than if they did not. However, if you are in the middle of a complex, lengthy family law case, it is important that you have a seasoned attorney doing everything in their power to support you.

Q: What Do Judges Look for in Child Custody Cases in California?

A: Child custody cases can be complicated, and many involved parties can have different desired outcomes. Ultimately, the judge will take into account what the ideal course of action is for the child or the children involved. In order to make this decision, the judge will consider factors such as the child’s age, what their relationship is like with the parents involved, their health, and their connection to their community.

In some cases, giving primary custody to one parent would mean that the child would have to leave their community, so ties to places like their school are factors. Your family law attorney can help assess what might be of relevance in your child’s case.

Q: Are There Alternatives to Litigation for Divorce?

A: Yes. If you are seeking to end your marriage but want to avoid litigation, there are other options that your family law attorney can help you seek out.

For instance, one alternative to litigation that couples often use is called mediation. In this voluntary process, a neutral individual called a mediator facilitates respectful communication between you and the person you are divorcing so that you can work towards a solution for divorce-related issues. You might also try arbitration, in which a neutral individual called an arbitrator makes legally binding judgments for you.

Q: What Is California Family Law?

A: Family law is the field of law that deals with resolving disputes among family members.

For instance, common topics in family law are child custody, child support, divorce, adoption, spousal support, and paternity issues. If you need legal guidance and representation with any of those issues, you should get in touch with a family law attorney, who can help you understand your legal options and come up with a strategy for your case. If you are experiencing domestic violence, you can also contact a family law attorney for help.

Q: Can One Parent Keep a Child From The Other Parent Without Court Orders in California?

A: If you are raising a child with another person in California, only a court order can keep the other parent away from the child. Without a court order, both you and your child’s other parent have the right to equal custody and visitation with your child.

To get an order, you should reach out to a family law attorney to get the legal process started. In the event of a case of domestic violence or another emergency, your attorney can also help you seek a restraining order to keep you and your children safe.

Contact a Caring Orange County Family Law Attorney Today

If you are in search of legal support for your family law case, it is important to contact a lawyer with years of experience and a successful track record. Beverly D. Moranda has handled almost exclusively family law cases for over ten years and can take the time to truly understand your needs and do whatever it takes to fight for the outcome that you deserve.

No matter what family law issue you are confronted with, Beverly D. Moranda can provide the representation you need to approach your family law case with confidence. If you are interested in learning more about how the Moranda Law Firm can support you and your family, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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