Fullerton Family Law Attorney

Fullerton Family Law Attorney

Fullerton Family Law Lawyer

Family law encompasses many potential issues between family members and others with close relationships. Unfortunately, resolving these disputes through the legal system can create an adversarial relationship that remains after the court case is finished. This negative relationship is particularly harmful if the parties need to maintain some type of relationship once the case concludes, such as with co-parents.

Avoiding complex and unproductive litigation is a priority with Moranda Law Firm, APC. Our well-versed team can support you as you handle the emotionally charged process that is to come in your family law situation. We are both budget-conscious and results-driven, devoted to finding the most favorable outcomes for our clients and their family. Moranda Law Firm, APC, offers our Fullerton, CA clients the personal attention that comes from a small firm with big firm advocacy for their family law matters.

Fullerton Family Law Attorney

Family Law

Family law is the legal area that covers rules, regulations, and court procedures that pertain to the family unit. Though the areas covered under the family law umbrella are universal across state lines, how each state manages the family law area is different, as are the specific laws in that state. It is important to look into the laws that affect Californians if you are involved in a family law matter.

Most people’s experience with family law is complicated and emotionally draining, as this specific area of law encompasses issues such as:

Though high-conflict cases are widely known, not every case needs to follow this narrative. Family law cases can be resolved by a judge deciding the outcome, but some can also be solved by the disputing parties through communication. Even incorporating a neutral third party into the conversation can help improve the productivity of the communication and the likelihood of finding a resolution for at least some of the issues.

Common Mistakes Made During Family Law Cases

Family law situations can become complex and precarious, so it is vital that you avoid making any mistakes as your case progresses. A judge will be in charge of your case, and appearing as though the case is not important to you by making mistakes can affect their judgment. Common errors that can harm your case include:

  • Failure to Read and Abide by Court Orders
    When a court makes an order, they expect all involved parties to read, understand, and follow the order. Failing to read the order is not a valid excuse for breaking the mandates within it, and the court is unlikely to be lenient with the violation.
  • Letting Emotions Affect Your Choices
    Family law cases are often tied to personal matters, and emotions will frequently run high as a result. When this occurs, the parties can allow their anger and desire to harm the other party to overtake their ability to make rational decisions that focus on their desired outcome in the case. Ultimately, fault in the situation matters less than building a case that results in the most favorable outcome.
  • Mismanaging Time
    The court system looks disfavorably on people that waste its time and cause unnecessary delays. It is important that you file paperwork and provide the requested information within the time limit given. If a deadline passes, you may lose the ability to present vital evidence for your side. You will also have limited time in the courtroom to support your case, so narrowing down your evidence to the important topics can help the judge make the most favorable outcome.
  • Not Working With a Family Law Attorney
    Unfortunately, navigating the family law court system is not a simple feat. Even with your utmost efforts, you can make a mistake that damages your position and affects the judge’s ruling. A family law attorney will have experience in the court system, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Before you even appear in court, ensure you have developed a plan that identifies any potential issues and methods for avoiding those issues.

Benefits of Retaining a Fullerton Family Law Attorney

It has already been identified that family law attorneys can help you avoid mistakes as you handle your case, but that is far from the only benefit of working with a professional.

  • Fixing Mistakes if They Have Been Made
    Even with good intentions, mistakes can be made as you handle your family law case. Trying to build your case while also living your day-to-day life can prove to be unmanageable, meaning things will start to slip through the cracks. If a mistake occurs, a family law attorney may be able to salvage the situation and help correct any resulting issues.
  • Family Law Knowledge
    Each area of law requires specific knowledge, and family law is no exception. There will be unique requirements that must be followed depending on your family law issue. A family law attorney will come armed with years and potentially decades of experience in local family law procedures, meaning you will need to invest less time in learning this information for yourself.
  • Providing a Neutral Position
    Family law situations can be emotionally charged, preventing you from being able to progress into the resolution phase with a clear head. A family law attorney can provide a neutral, outside perspective that may help you find the most favorable solution as well as routes to that solution.
  • Help Resolve Issues Outside of Court
    Though resolving an issue by having the judge make the final determination is possible in family law cases, that is far from the only method to resolve your issue. Progressing to litigation often creates adversaries out of the parties instead of methods like mediation, which helps the parties work together to create a mutually favorable outcome. A family law attorney can help you through this process if they believe it is a possible conflict resolution method for your case.
  • Emotional Support
    Family law cases can be emotionally trying for everyone in the family, especially if the case involves small children. Getting advice from a family law attorney can help you be more present for the children and other members of your family. An attorney may also be able to provide tips for helping children and other family members come through the case with as little emotional struggle as possible.

Family Law Attorney FAQs

Q: How Is Property Divided in a Divorce?

A: The way property is divided in California depends on how that property is classified. The first step in determining the property that you are entitled to in a divorce begins with using the law to classify all property owned between the two spouses. If the property is determined to be separate, it will belong exclusively to that spouse. Contrarily, community property in a marriage must be divided equally, ensuring a 50/50 split in marital assets.

Q: What Factors Will Affect Child Custody Determinations?

A: The courts will use many different factors when determining child custody, including which parent has provided most of the child’s care, which parent can provide a more nurturing environment, how stable the parents’ home lives are, the adjustment for the child, and the wishes of the child. These factors are combined to choose the custody arrangement that is in the interests of the child.

Q: Am I Still Required to Pay Spousal Maintenance or Child Support if I Lose My Job?

A: Regardless of the circumstances that arise in your life, including losing a job or a pay decrease, you are still responsible for making full and on-time spousal or child support payments. You do, however, have the option to request a modification from the court if you suffer financial hardship. Once the court approves your modification, you can then pay the amount dictated in the modified support order.

Q: What Should I Do After I Have Been Served?

A: Immediately after you have been served with any type of family law action, you should begin creating a plan for how you intend to move forward. There will be deadlines that you must meet when filing your response, which are generally 30 days from when you were served. You may also wish to contact an attorney so they can help you build your plan and ensure your deadlines are met.

Q: Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for a Family Law Proceeding?

A: You are not legally required to speak with an attorney to proceed through a family law issue. This, however, does not mean that you will not find benefits in hiring an attorney. Reaching a successful outcome in your family law situation requires a thorough understanding of your rights and obligations, information that a family law attorney can explain quickly and efficiently.

Contact a Fullerton Family Lawyer

If you are facing a family law matter, you will require meticulous, knowledgeable, and zealous representation to ensure your rights are protected throughout the case.

With a Certified Family Law Specialist on staff and a practice that focuses exclusively on family law, the Moranda Law Firm, APC, is fully capable of examining your case and reaching the most favorable outcome for your situation. We understand the importance of providing each client with personalized attention to build a comprehensive legal strategy that optimizes each aspect of the law. For a consultation on your family law matter, contact our office today.

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